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By : Morgan Key

Description : Meiosis refers primarily to the cell division for reproduction. Meiosis, the procedure of producing gametes in preparation for sexual reproduction, has long been a focal point of ... more

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Viral Repli...

By : Igor Melnikov

Description : The aim of this book is to educate the readers about the process of viral replication with the help of comprehensive information. It offers a compilation of descriptive reviews re... more

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Zoology: Mo...

By : Mia Steers

Description : Modern concepts as well as contributions associated with the field of zoology have been highlighted in this elaborative book. Unlike classical manuals on Zoology, this book does n... more

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Urinary Inc...

By : June Stewart

Description : Urinary incontinence is defined as the inability to control the flow of urine resulting in involuntary urination. Management strategies formulated within an integrative team struc... more

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Cancer Biom...

By : Karen Miles

Description : This book brings forth the emerging trends in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. The ever growing need for advanced technology is the reason that has fuelled the rese... more