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Wavelet The...

By : Victor Nason

Description : Wavelets are functions fulfilling certain mathematical requirements and used in representing data or other functions. The application of wavelet transformation to examine the beha... more

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Wireless Ad...

By : Timothy Kolaya

Description : This book discusses the topic of wireless ad-hoc networks with the help of state-of-the-art information. A wireless ad-hoc network can be defined as a wireless network set up with... more

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Systems Eng...

By : Brian Maxwell

Description : Systems engineering is mainly concerned with design and management of complex engineering systems. It tries to incorporate the requirements specified by the end users in the initi... more

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Software En...

By : Tom Halt

Description : Software engineering deals with designing codes and programs for universal audience or customized application for a small organization. Softwares are designed with the help of pro... more

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Software En...

By : Tom Halt

Description : Software Engineering refers to that branch of engineering which deals with developing, implementing, designing and maintaining of software. It has many sub-divisions like embedded... more

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Signal Proc...

By : George Pilato

Description : This book aims to equip students, scientists, engineers and experts with advanced topics and upcoming concepts in this field. Signal processing refers to the technology that facil... more

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By : Rich Falcon

Description : Nanoscience is the study of extremely small matter particularly on molecular, super molecular and atomic scale. These matters are used across different disciplines namely physics,... more

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By : Rich Falcon

Description : This book unravels the recent studies in the field of nanoscience. It includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the globe, on various topics related to this... more

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By : Alfred Silva

Description : Intelligent systems are special purpose embedded machines that are used to control and communicate with other systems. These systems have the ability to adapt to fluctuations and ... more

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By : Alfred Silva

Description : Intelligent control systems use artificial intelligence to manage and control other systems such as production or manufacturing for machines or controlling equipment. These system... more