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Genetic Eng...

By : Enrique Preston

Description : Genetic engineering is the alteration of genome using biotechnology. It is a compilation of technologies used to modify the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of gene... more

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By : Oliver Stone

Description : Biochemistry is the combination of two disciplines biology and chemistry. It studies chemical reactions occurring within the living organisms or related to them. Applied biochemis... more

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By : Oliver Stone

Description : Biochemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies reactions occurring inside living organisms. These reactions are often catalyzed by biological substances referred to as enzym... more

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Plant Genom...

By : Isabelle Nickel

Description : Plant genomics is the branch of science which studies the function and structure of genomes. This field mainly deals with DNA sequencing and genetic mapping. As a field of study, ... more

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Plant Biote...

By : Isabelle Nickel

Description : Changing times and environmental patterns have pushed humankind to search for a better gene even in the case of plants. The very thought of getting the desired characteristics led... more

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By : Theodore Roa

Description : This is a research-focused book which presents theoretical and scientific studies in the field of marine science. It contains many exclusive researches contributed by eminent auth... more

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Marine Science

By : Theodore Roa

Description : Marine science studies the fauna and flora present in water bodies and their interaction with others. It includes marine and coastal management, oceanography, marine biology and m... more

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Essentials ...

By : Ralph Becker

Description : Cell biology is based on the concept that cell is the fundamental unit of life. It is a branch of science which gives detailed information about the structure, properties, metabol... more

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Cell and Mo...

By : Samantha Granger

Description : Cell is the fundamental building block of all the existing life forms. Conducting studies related to cells and its various functions and activities are crucial for understanding a... more

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By : Neil Griffin

Description : Biodiversity is the variety and variability of life forms present in different geographical regions. It is a result of different climatic patterns and geographic settings. Biologi... more