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By : Leland Morrow

Description : Collaborative computing is the practice of involving multiple parties located at different regions to contribute ideas and suggestions to a common project or undertaking. This boo... more

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Data Mining...

By : Wendy Witte

Description : Data mining is a branch of computer science. It has a wide scope as it integrates principles from diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, statistics, etc. It uses sophisti... more

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By : Mitch Hoppe

Description : Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science that is concerned with creation and design of software and machines exhibiting intelligence as in case of human beings. In... more

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By : Jen Blackwood

Description : Computational methods are concerned with the development of simulations and models often accompanied by high-performance computing technologies. Simulations have become an essenti... more

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By : Akira Hanako

Description : Communications and computer networks refer to a network of telecommunication which enables different computers and computerized peripherals to interconnect via a wire or wireless ... more

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By : Pascal Formann

Description : Communication network systems refer to the collection of various transmission networks, data terminal equipment (DTE), communication networks and tributary stations, etc. which ar... more

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A Modern Ap...

By : Akira Hanako

Description : The constant and almost alarmingly rapid evolution towards a world where AI would not only be possible but also pervade is not always easy to accept or understand. The various sub... more

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Advanced Co...

By : Niceto Salazar

Description : Image segmentation and its advanced concepts are highlighted in this book. The area of digital image segmentation is constantly developing. Currently, the developed segmentation t... more

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Advanced Da...

By : Mick Benson

Description : This book consists of advanced information regarding data mining and their applications. It offers to aid data miners, researchers, scholars, and PhD students who aspire to practi... more

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Advanced De...

By : Anna Sanders

Description : This book deals with advanced developments as well as researches in the field of multimedia. As multimedia has evolved into a significant technology, vastly bettering people's liv... more