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Textbook of...

By : Carlos Wyatt

Description : This book discusses the fundamentals as well as modern approaches of zoology. It delves into the embryology, evolution, habits and distribution of all animals of this planet. It c... more

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Principles ...

By : Carlos Wyatt

Description : Zoology refers to that branch of biology which deals with the study of animals. It incorporates the study of the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits and distr... more

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New Frontie...

By : John Wayne

Description : Planetology refers to the study of planets, especially earth; meteoroids, planetary systems, primarily the ones in our Solar system and other celestial bodies. It deals with study... more

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Modern Astr...

By : Audria Baldwin

Description : Astrophysics is the discipline that studies all the important aspects related to heavenly bodies, galaxies and universe. These properties are examined by applying the combination ... more

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Emergency P...

By : Alfred Scott

Description : Disaster management is a field which deals with minimizing the effects of disasters and casualties. It refers to planning and forming such methods that can help in predicting and ... more

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Earth and P...

By : John Wayne

Description : Earth and planetary science refers to that field of science which deals with the scientific study of the planets, moons and other celestial bodies, particularly in our solar syste... more

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Disaster Ri...

By : Alfred Scott

Description : Disaster management tries to provide information about the types of disaster risks, how to respond and prepare for them. It includes sub-disciplines like disaster risk reduction, ... more

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By : Andrew Hyman

Description : Climate is the fixed or slightly varying pattern of weather of an area prevailing over a period of time. Climatology attempts to explain the impact of climatic conditions, to assi... more

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Astronomy a...

By : Audria Baldwin

Description : Astronomy as a branch of science refers to the study of celestial bodies like planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids, etc. and the processes that take place in the universe. Astrophy... more

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Advanced an...

By : Karl Seibert

Description : In the twentieth century, geophysics has developed methods for remote exploration of solid earth and natural water-bodies on earth, and has also played a very essential role in th... more