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Landscape E...

By : Alex Vedder

Description : Landscape ecology is concerned with the interactions between ecological processes and ecosystems. The important studies included in this area are land use, scaling, landscape mosa... more

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Integrated ...

By : Raven Spoon

Description : Water resources management is the engineering of landscapes and built-environments that regulate and control water resources. It is a very important branch of civil engineering. T... more

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Hydrology: ...

By : William Sobol

Description : The book presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe in the field of hydrological sciences. Hydrological science is the study of the movement and distrib... more

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Grassland M...

By : Elias Bennett

Description : Grassland management can be defined as human intervention in regions dominated by grass vegetation to achieve predetermined goals. This book on grassland management includes the s... more

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Forests and...

By : Lee Zieger

Description : Forestry and forest management are fields that are concerned with the preservation and expansion of forest cover on the earth’s surface. Forests and Forestry are important subject... more

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Forest Ecology

By : Aduardo Hapke

Description : Forest ecology can be defined as the interaction of flora and fauna in forests. Forests can be of various types according to location and climate, and the patterns of conservation... more

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By : Kane Harlow

Description : Environmental protection is defined as a set of processes that protect the quality of the environment in the face of pollution and harmful contaminants. This book on environmental... more

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By : Rosemary Charles

Description : Environmental microbiology also referred to as microbial ecology, is the study of microorganisms and their relation and interaction to each other and the environment. As microorga... more

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By : Jason Hendon

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of ecological conservation and endangered species. It also focuses on the interrelation between the two. Species of plants... more

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By : Bruce Horak

Description : Ecotoxicology is the study of the effects of pollutants present in the atmosphere on population, wildlife and the environment. This book discusses the imminent dangers that are fa... more