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By : Braylon Holden

Description : Toxicology researches the effect of chemicals on living beings. Treatment and assessment are fundamental aspects of toxicology. It has many branches ranging from forensic and lega... more

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By : Sean Boyd

Description : Pharmaceutics is the study of medicine, design and dosage that can be used safely by patients. This book on pharmaceutics and pharmacology discusses topics related to the formulat... more

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By : Jim Wang

Description : Immunotoxicology is the design and development of drugs that reduce the function of the immune system. Immunotoxic medication and treatment are known as anti-rejection drugs for t... more

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Handbook of...

By : Horace Dawson

Description : Drug therapy is defined as the cure and treatment of illness through drugs. Long-term consumption of drugs and drug treatment require careful monitoring and advice, as well as reg... more

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Essentials ...

By : Brendon Krauss

Description : Pharmacology is the practice of designing drugs that cure or prevent disease as well as studying its effects and effectiveness. The pharmaceutical industry is ever-growing and mor... more

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Current Res...

By : Laurence Denton

Description : Drug delivery is defined as the development of technology that enables the safe transportation of drugs to various parts of the human body. The route of administration of a drug ... more

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Current Pro...

By : Erica Helmer

Description : Pharmaceutical science studies the development and effects of general, preventive and other types of medicine. This book on pharmaceuticals explores the various branches that come... more

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Advanced An...

By : Eva Sandler

Description : This book discusses various topics related to the different mechanisms of the pathogenesis of viral diseases and their treatment. The book gives special significance to clinical m... more

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Advances in...

By : Leonardo Hules

Description : Capillary electrophoresis is an analytical technique which is used widely in diagnostic and clinical science. This book is a comprehensive account of latest capillary electrophore... more

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Advances in...

By : Judith Baker

Description : This book discusses the latest advances and developments in toxicity and drug testing. It encompasses rising technologies (3D cultures, next generation sequencing, profiling techn... more