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Waste Manag...

By : Victor Bonn

Description : With the onset of industrialization era and urbanization of the countries, human kind became one of the biggest polluter, contributing towards the generation of large heaps of was... more

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Textile Eng...

By : John Tegmeyer

Description : Discovery and existence of a large number of artificial and natural fibers led to the birth of a discipline known as textile engineering. Textile is commonly referred to as a clot... more

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Sensors and...

By : Marvin Heather

Description : This book unravels the recent studies in the fields of sensors and actuators. A sensor is a device that generates a response for a physical input whereas actuators in general are ... more

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Railway Eng...

By : Marshall Roy

Description : Railway engineering refers to a dynamic domain of engineering which deals with the design, manufacturing and operation of all kinds of railway networks. It encompasses the element... more

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Processes a...

By : Robbie Larkin

Description : This book aims to understand the processes and technologies involved in the fields of bioenergy and biofuels. It contains important chapters that discuss the most vital concepts a... more

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Optics for ...

By : Jason Penn

Description : Optics is the branch of physics that studies the properties of light and its interaction with matter. It also involves design and construction of instruments required for studying... more

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Mechanical ...

By : Rene Sava

Description : Mechanics is field of physics that deals with inspecting the nature and changes a physical body incurs when it is put in contact with force or displacement. It applies the techniq... more

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Mechanical ...

By : Bilroy Lockhart

Description : Mechanics is the scientific and technological study of motion. Mechanical engineering deals with the area of science that studies the changes which occur when a physical body is b... more

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By : Jeff Hansen

Description : Manufacturing engineering involves planning, designing, and packaging i.e. conversion of raw materials into a finished products. This field aids the manufacturing processes and re... more

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Geographic ...

By : Marina De Lima

Description : Geographic information systems are designed for the purpose of mapping any physical location on earth. They are designed to store, capture, analyze and present different forms of ... more