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By : William Chang

Description : This book, written for readers with interest in the process of biodegradation, serves as a good source of information. It is a compilation of various biodegradation research proce... more

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By : William Chang

Description : The process of biodegradation of hazardous and other compounds has been elucidated in this comprehensive book. It is a compilation of various research documents and procedures tha... more

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By : William Chang

Description : This book presents an array of various research works discussing different technologies that have been used for the escalation of biodegradation process. The book deals with vario... more

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Biological ...

By : Suzy Hill

Description : Biological engineering is a field of engineering in which life and life-sustaining systems are highlighted. The most significant trend in biological engineering is the dynamic adv... more

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Biological ...

By : Suzy Hill

Description : This book presents some new ideas regarding key issues from various areas of biological sciences. Some issues discussed within the book are antibiotic susceptibility, genomic rest... more

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Biophysics ...

By : Brandon Hanks

Description : Biophysics is a broad inter-disciplinary subject which covers branches of biology, physics and computational biology. This book provides insight into a wide variety of subjects wh... more

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Botany: The...

By : Austin Balfour

Description : This book focuses on the practice of modern botany. It includes various topics such as evolutionary biology and molecular genetics to better understand the advancements in the fie... more

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Botany: The...

By : Harvey Parker

Description : Botany is a field of biology that deals with the science of plants. This book discusses current issues of plant-environment interaction which would be appealing to environmental s... more

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Cell Biology

By : Ralph Becker

Description : Prominent experts featured within this book present their views in a comprehensive summary on cell biology. This book consists of multiple chapters which can broadly be divided in... more

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By : Dominic Fasso

Description : This book is a compilation of various researches conducted by experts which focus on the genetic variation in animals. It discusses the scale of genetic variation present in anima... more