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Smart Actua...

By : Bob Tucker

Description : This book comprises recent researches and advances in the field of smart actuators and sensors. The objective of this book is to sum up all the technical researches regarding smar... more

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Software En...

By : Cheryl Jollymore

Description : Topics related to the rise of software engineering and this field's distinctions from other similar fields like computer science are discussed at length here. The upcoming concept... more

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By : Ed Diego

Description : This book serves as leverage for those researching in the field of new technologies. It presents a compilation of researches in contemporary fields of technology, serving as a sig... more

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System of S...

By : Chester Mann

Description : Various aspects related to engineering of system of systems have been highlighted in this comprehensive book. It presents and promotes analysis on present applications in the fiel... more

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Systems Eng...

By : Chester Mann

Description : A descriptive account on systems engineering has been provided in this book, elucidating the theoretical as well as practical approaches. It is a compilation of research works con... more

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By : Ed Diego

Description : Technology is dynamic. Technological change, today, is central to economic growth. It is recognized as a significant driver of efficiency development and the appearance of new pro... more

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By : Ed Diego

Description : Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It has been extensively established that technology is one of the forces motivating economic development. This book is a compilation of va... more

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The Modelin...

By : Herbert Benn

Description : The modeling of liquid crystal display has been explained in this descriptive book. Volume inorganic electro-optical models and equipment are being substituted by a part of scien... more

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The Petroch...

By : Michael Dedini

Description : This book brings many different researches together to help the reader understand the upcoming and current technologies that are to be found in this field. Discussions on various ... more

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The Researc...

By : Edgar Miller

Description : This book consists of research-focused information regarding heat conduction and aims to serve as an efficient guide for comprehending the concepts of heat conduction. It presents... more