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Theory and ...

By : Bernice Wyong

Description : The science of interacting surfaces in relative motion is referred to as tribology. The field of tribology consists of lubrication, friction and wear of contact elements relevant ... more

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Theory and ...

By : Andrew Green

Description : Nanoparticles, though very small, have an immense impact on the industrial sector. The purpose of this book is to enlarge the spectrum of this new emerging field of science that m... more

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Theory and ...

By : George Pilato

Description : The theories and principles of digital filters and signal processing are explained in this extensive book. Digital filters along with signal processing, are being engaged in new t... more

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Theory and ...

By : Graham Eanes

Description : A descriptive account based on the theory as well as principles of smoothing, filtering and prediction techniques has been presented in this book. It aims to provide understanding... more

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Trends and ...

By : Edgar Miller

Description : The trends and novel applications of heat treatment are discussed in this profound book. Heat treatment and surface engineering are important factors in the design and manufacture... more

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Tribology: ...

By : Bernice Wyong

Description : Tribology is basically defined as the study of friction, wear, lubrication, and the design of bearings; the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. The objective of co... more

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Ultra Wideb...

By : Duncan Loyns

Description : A detailed account based on the topic of Ultra Wideband (UWB) has been presented in this book, elucidating the modern scenario and approaches regarding this topic. Ultra wideband ... more

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By : Bob Tucker

Description : A bolometer is a sensitive electrical instrument for measuring radiant energy. Infrared detectors and related technologies have important applications not only in defense sector, ... more

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Welding Dat...

By : Howard Currant

Description : The processes of welding are explained thoroughly in this elaborative book. Although there is a broad range of available literature on welding processes, a demand still exists to ... more

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Wireless Se...

By : Bob Tucker

Description : This book is a well-structured analysis of wireless sensor networks. It explores the most recent developments in wireless networks technology. It describes the essential concepts ... more