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Advances in...

By : Caroline Gardner

Description : This book provides an in-depth knowledge of protein purification. The book is designed and written to expedite speedy access to important information regarding protein purificatio... more

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Affinity Ch...

By : Nina Murphy

Description : The book offers a broad perspective, encompassing lucid descriptions of the process of affinity chromatography. Affinity chromatography covers a plethora of separation approaches ... more

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By : David Rhodes

Description : Aneuploidy is one of the most common chromosome abnormalities in human beings. The term 'aneuploidy' refers to any karyotype that does not hold the characteristics of any euploid.... more

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By : Nick Gilmour

Description : This book provides an elucidative account on the functioning and mechanism of antioxidant enzymes. Free radicals are continually generated in living cells and discarded by antioxi... more

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Applied Imm...

By : Rachel Dell

Description : This book is a concise and sophisticated introduction to applied immunocytochemistry. Traditionally, immunocytochemistry is described as a process to investigate antigens in cellu... more

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Bacterial A...

By : Ralph Becker

Description : This book gives emphasis to the various applications of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs) in various studies. The topics presented are - using BAC libraries as assets for th... more

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Binding Pro...

By : Steven Tiff

Description : Information regarding binding proteins has been comprehensively illustrated in this book. Proteins are important drivers of cellular activities. Different types of proteins along ... more

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By : Gretchen Kenney

Description : Bioinformatics has been described as a catalyst of modern life science in this book. It is a collection of numerous research works on bioinformatics and related disciplines includ... more

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By : Gretchen Kenney

Description : The science of compiling and studying complex biological data, such as genetic codes, is referred to as bioinformatics. This book extensively covers topics related to bioinformati... more

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Biology of ...

By : Charles Malkoff

Description : Proteomics has been at the center of many researches being conducted recently. In the past few years, proteomics have expanded from an exceptionally scientific attempt to an exten... more