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Acoustic Wa...

By : Sonny Lin

Description : In this book, acoustic waves have been described comprehensively. The concept of acoustic wave is an extensive one; it materializes in a variety of mediums, from solids to plasmas... more

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Adaptive Fi...

By : Howard Zea

Description : This book is a collaboration of researches by renowned experts in the field of adaptive filtering. This system is used to characterize unfamiliar systems in time-variant surroundi... more

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Advanced Co...

By : Juan Landers

Description : This book, written by renowned experts from across the globe, aims to elucidate the diverse concepts of laser pulses. The book explains characteristics of laser pulse creation, cl... more

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Advanced Co...

By : Theresa Heen

Description : Rapid development has been made in the past decade in the area of quality control methods and techniques. The objective of this book is to illustrate quality control procedures in... more

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Advanced Co...

By : Kent Olsen

Description : This book deals with advanced information regarding the technology of hydrogen storage. Throughout the globe, a better and safer alternative for petroleum is in much demand becaus... more

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Advanced Co...

By : Ryan White

Description : An elucidative account on the advanced concepts of wave process in solids has been provided in this profound book. Wave propagation in solids has been extensively analyzed and maj... more

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Advanced De...

By : Taylor Stein

Description : Advanced desalination technologies are illustrated in this book with the help of comprehensive information. The term "desalination", in its widest sense, means the removal of diss... more

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Advanced Op...

By : Vladimir Latinovic

Description : This book presents a descriptive account on various latest advances in the field of optical communication systems. These systems are extremely essential for all types of networks ... more

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Advanced To...

By : Trudy Bellinger

Description : Laser scanning technology is extremely significant in the contemporary fields of engineering and science. Through scanning, a digital replica of the surface of the object is creat... more

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Advanced To...

By : Steven Butler

Description : Informatics has interdisciplinary approaches. This book on emerging informatics brings together the latest concepts and applications that will help describe and outline problem so... more