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Handbook of...

By : Casan Anderson

Description : This book focuses on advanced magnetics materials. It brings forth the novel developments in latest technologies, modern characterization approaches, theory and usage of advanced ... more

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Handbook of...

By : Sally Renwick

Description : The alloys in which aluminium is the predominant metal are referred to as aluminium alloys. Aluminium alloys have grown and improved in various aspects and applications. Due to th... more

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Handbook of...

By : Ralph Seguin

Description : This book consists of reviews and original researches conducted by experts and scientists working in the field of biomaterials, its development and applications. It offers readers... more

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Handbook of...

By : Guy Lennon

Description : It is believed that in the natural and industrial circuit, corrosion and pollution are correlated procedures. Many water, air and soil pollutants stimulate corrosion and the resul... more

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Handbook of...

By : Sharon Tatum

Description : Ferroelectricity is one of the most studied phenomena in the scientific community because of the vitality of ferroelectric materials in a broad spectrum of applications comprising... more

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Handbook of...

By : Rich Falcon

Description : This book brings forth the experiences of experts from different scientific spheres across the world on their encounters with various aspects of nanocomposite science and its uses... more

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Handbook of...

By : Rich Falcon

Description : This book aims to serve as a sourcebook for all advancements in nanomaterials. This book deals with researches regarding metal oxide nano structures and composites, and polymer ma... more

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Handbook of...

By : Gerald Brooks

Description : Plasticizers are substances used for the purpose of reduction of brittleness in synthetic resins and production or promotion of plasticity as well as flexibility. They enhance the... more

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Handbook of...

By : Linda Cartman

Description : This book is a compilation of interesting work on Polyurethane. It talks about the applications and structures of polyurethane. The book covers a number of topics introducing the ... more

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Handbook of...

By : Stephen Louis

Description : Thermoplastics are recognized for their property of elasticity. Thermoplastics can be utilized for various functions, ranging from household materials to the aeronautic sector. Th... more