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Toxicology ...

By : Jim Wang

Description : Toxicology is the study of substances that can cause physical damage to living organisms. This book on toxicology and immunology discusses the principles of toxicity spread and im... more

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By : Horace Dawson

Description : Pharmacotherapy is defined as the treatment and cure of disease through the use of drugs. This book on pharmacotherapy focuses on long-term consumption of pharmaceuticals and its ... more

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By : Willey Campbell

Description : Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that causes long-term damage to a person's mind. Hallucinations, delusions, altered states of perception and confusion are common symptoms of th... more

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By : Brendon Krauss

Description : Pharmaceutics is defined as the design and manufacture of safe and consumable drugs from new chemical entities. This book on pharmaceutics discusses effective drug delivery system... more

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By : Sean Boyd

Description : This book on pharmaceuticals deals with the study of pharmaceutical drug design and development. Drugs are usually classified according to mode of action, route of administering a... more

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By : Sean Boyd

Description : Pharmaceuticals can be defined as drugs that prevent and cure disease. This book on pharmaceutical drug development encompasses an interdisciplinary study of the field that discus... more

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Essentials ...

By : Braylon Holden

Description : Toxicology studies the damaging effects caused by a chemical substance to living organisms. This book on toxicology serves as an important source of information about toxins and t... more

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Drug Discov...

By : Erica Helmer

Description : Drug discovery and development is the process whereby medication is designed, developed and manufactured through new chemical entities. This book on drug discovery and pharmaceuti... more