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Physics of ...

By : Richard Burrows

Description : This book provides insight into major facets of the physics of quantum gravity. The application of quantum field theory for explaining gravity is one of the main problems in conte... more

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Principles ...

By : Victor Nason

Description : Significant applications of wavelet transforms in geoscience and biology have been elucidated in this book. Wavelet transforms are one of the most primary candidates in time-frequ... more

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Principles ...

By : Trudy Bellinger

Description : This book elucidates the principles of free electron lasers with the help of valuable information. It talks about the basics and patterns of different free electron laser systems,... more

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Quantum Opt...

By : Glenn Rogers

Description : This book covers a wide spectrum of complications and principles related to the concepts of Quantum Optics and Laser Experiments. These dynamically growing branches of physics are... more

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Quantum The...

By : Richard Burrows

Description : This book presents an updated account of the research and development undergoing in the domain of quantum theory. Quantum theory is the primary theoretical approach that aids one ... more

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By : Peggy Sparks

Description : The book concentrates primarily on radioisotopes and its applications in bioscience and in medical sciences. This book elucidates creation of radioisotopes for medicine, the usage... more

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Recording C...

By : Wynne Davis

Description : Applied principles as well as recording components of holograms are elaborated in this up-to-date book. It presents an overview on current developments in the advancement of a bro... more

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Scanning El...

By : Lisa Page

Description : Fine focused electron and ion beams constitute(s) an inevitable part of methods and instruments employed in various science fields. SEMs are well instrumented and supplemented wit... more

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Selected To...

By : Glenn Rogers

Description : A quantum system in contact with its environment is called an open environment system. The aim of this book is to present certain aspects of contemporary theory on open quantum sy... more

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X-Ray Spect...

By : Hugo Kaye

Description : Advanced information regarding the topic of x-ray spectroscopy has been described in this book. X-ray is the only invention that became a routine diagnostic tool in hospitals with... more