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Handbook of...

By : Lisa Page

Description : This book compiles various research papers written by experts and scientists. It is a comprehensive summary of the various features of Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), from... more

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High Perfor...

By : Jan Cooper

Description : This is a comprehensive book based on the chemistry as well as applications of high performance polymers. The properties of polyimides and heterocyclic polymers are well-known and... more

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Ionic Liqui...

By : Pablo Rickman

Description : This book presents updated scientific developments in theoretical, specific and applied domains of ionic liquids. Ionic liquids studies are a rapidly evolving field in physical ch... more

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Magnesium A...

By : Sally Renwick

Description : Magnesium alloys have been utilized extensively due to its various features; its density is low, it is malleable, easily available and one of the most machinable metals. This has... more

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Materials S...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : Materials Science happens to be a relatively new field that pertains to the use of matter in various fields of science. It amalgamates principles of physics, chemistry and nanotec... more

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Materials S...

By : Lily Chen

Description : Materials can be highly beneficial to humans when their properties are manipulated according to specific requirements. Materials science is a wide field, and can be considered as ... more

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Materials S...

By : Lily Chen

Description : Today, materials science is an emerging field of science. It is growing internationally, which is evident by the international and intercontinental collaborations and exchanges. T... more

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Materials S...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : For a field as vast and diverse as materials science the avenues for research and development are immense. This book presents all current available research projects and methodolo... more

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Metallurgy ...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : This book delves into the progress of metallurgy from its ancient roots to the modern age. The modern metallurgical methods are described here with a focus on both branches - ferr... more

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Metallurgy ...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : This book is an advanced text on metallurgy, redefining aspects in this vast and fast growing field of metal science. All the topics covered in this book have been written by inte... more