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Drug Design...

By : Erica Helmer

Description : This book covers the different aspects of drug design and medicinal chemistry. Recently, medicinal chemistry has become accountable for clarifying interactions of chemical molecul... more

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By : Mike Costello

Description : The phenomenon of electrophoresis is descriptively elucidated in this comprehensive book. Electrophoresis is the movement of electrically charged particles in a direct current ele... more

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By : Zoe Hooper

Description : In order to function properly and to avoid death, a cell's life relies upon energy deposits, conversion, utilization and exchange. Over 200 years of study tells us how cells conve... more

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By : Suzy Hill

Description : A variety of information regarding the field of biotechnology is presented in this book. Biotechnology is the scientific field of researching the most resourceful techniques to ge... more

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By : Gloria Doran

Description : This book is a detailed and comprehensive medium helping students and researchers to understand cell-cell interactions. It describes various cell activities occurring within and o... more

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By : Gildroy Swan

Description : The book compiles the data and research that is available on molecular biology and attempts to decipher their findings. The research that is still changing the face of microbiolog... more

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By : Nick Wu

Description : Molecular systems consist of a vast number of particles whose physical movements can be studied under molecular dynamics. This book is a compilation of the productive functions of... more

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By : Matthew Langer

Description : Peptides have emerged as a significant part of microbiology. On the basis of their production method, peptides are classified into various segments. Peptides are hence being exten... more

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By : Anton Torres

Description : In this book, a wide variety of data is enclosed by presenting a solid base in protein engineering. It provides readers with information crucial to the design and fabrication of p... more

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By : Charles Malkoff

Description : Proteomics is fundamentally defined as the extensive study of proteins, their structure as well as functions. It was considered to be an obvious next step in research once the fie... more