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E-Business: A Global Scenario

By : Ralph Borsella

Description : This book consists of studies that employ empirical and theoretical/conceptual approaches to bring to the foreground global acceptance of electronic business (e-business) and othe... more

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E-commerce: Business Models and Service Management

By : Anthony Rocus

Description : E-commerce is a relatively nascent yet swiftly expanding field of study. It is concerned with trading via computer networks, primarily internet. The aim of this book is to present... more

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E-Learning Handbook

By : Albert Traver

Description : E-learning allows students to pace their studies as per their own obligations, making learning achievable to people who don't get enough spare time for learning, hence, they can s... more

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E-Learning: Methods, Modules and Infrastructure

By : Albert Traver

Description : Technology development, primarily for telecommunications and computer systems, played a key role in the interactivity and, thus, for the expansion of e-learning. This book gives s... more

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E-Learning: Methods, Tools and Advances

By : Albert Traver

Description : This book provides an insight into the latest technological advancements in the fast emerging domain of E-learning. With the resources provided by communication technologies, E-le... more

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E-Learning: Technology, Training and Teaching

By : Albert Traver

Description : Adaptive E-learning is advisable for students with unique profiles, specific interests, and from various areas of knowledge, so that profiles may be able to contemplate particular... more

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

By : John Wayne

Description : We have come to face a situation where new environmental troubles arise every day and we need to make some fast and binding decisions. In many cases information regarding geologic... more

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Earth and Planetary Science

By : John Wayne

Description : Earth and planetary science refers to that field of science which deals with the scientific study of the planets, moons and other celestial bodies, particularly in our solar syste... more

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Earthquake Engineering

By : Agnes Nolan

Description : The book aims to educate the readers with information regarding the field of earthquake engineering. The mitigation of earthquake-related hazards is essential in the modern societ... more

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Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

By : Agnes Nolan

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the fields of earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. It comprises of research work contributed by various experts and resea... more

Results 1 - 10 of 599