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Facts and Factors of Eating Disorders

By : Peter Garner

Description : The book primarily deals with the description of the various facts and factors of eating disorders. Though seemingly non serious, eating disorders are alarmingly common and often ... more

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Family Medicine: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

By : Felix Rohmer

Description : Family medicine covers prevention, diagnosis and cure of diseases for people of all ages constituting a family or a community. Due to its integrated approach, family medicine is c... more

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Features, Challenges and Applications of Particle Image Velocimetry

By : Sasha Kremke

Description : The various features, challenges as well as applications of particle image velocimetry are highlighted in this profound book. Particle image velocimetry is a significant technique... more

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Fertilizers: Soil Improvement and Plant Growth

By : Kye Young

Description : This book outlines the benefits and applications of fertilizers in soil and plant growth in detail. Fertilizers are natural or synthetic substances used for enhancing the soil wit... more

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Fiber Optic Sensors

By : Bob Tucker

Description : All recent discoveries and explorations related to fiber optical sensors technology in the recent past have been thoroughly discussed in this book. This book provides a detailed s... more

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Fiber Optic Sensors Sourcebook

By : Bob Tucker

Description : This book provides a detailed study about latest developments of fiber optic sensors. The book provides essential propositions of varied sensor types, their role in structural hea... more

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Fiber Reinforced Polymers: Structural Applications

By : Jan Cooper

Description : The structural applications of fiber reinforced polymers are described in this elaborative book. Fiber reinforced polymers are an extremely significant and widely utilized form of... more

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Fibromyalgia: Perspectives and Advances

By : Fred Cole

Description : This book presents a comprehensive account on the challenging and mysterious clinical condition of fibromyalgia. Due to being an evidence based study, science cannot always necess... more

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Films and Media: A Global Outlook

By : Nyles Lind

Description : This book on films and media discusses the aesthetic and cultural values that are embodied in the art of film. The medium of the cinema reflects contemporary tastes, attitudes and... more

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Finite Element Analysis: Biomedical Aspects

By : Connie Mcguire

Description : Finding approximate solutions to partial differential equations and integral equations, allowing numerical assessment of complicated structures based on their material properties ... more

Results 1 - 10 of 61