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Immunodeficiency: Therapy, Mechanism and Model

By : Gabriel Murray

Description : The therapy, mechanism as well as model of immunodeficiency are described in this all-inclusive book. It sheds light on one of the most common medical issues, which, unfortunately... more

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Immunology Handbook

By : Jim Wang

Description : This book provides information on immunology, which is a branch of biomedical sciences to study the immune system physiology in both diseased and healthy states. Some aspects of a... more

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Immunosuppression: Concepts and Impacts

By : Jim Wang

Description : Any act which weakens the efficiency of immune system is classified under Immunosuppression. This book talks about immunology in scientific and curative aspects. The book is rathe... more

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Immunotoxicology: Integrated Concepts and Clinical Theory

By : Jim Wang

Description : Immunotoxicology is the design and development of drugs that reduce the function of the immune system. Immunotoxic medication and treatment are known as anti-rejection drugs for t... more

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Impacts and Treatment of Hypothyroidism

By : Benjamin Copes

Description : In this book, information regarding the impacts as well as treatment of the disease of hypothyroidism has been provided. The disease hypothyroidism poses a much bigger challenge t... more

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Implementation of Geographic Information Systems

By : Marina De Lima

Description : The book provides advanced information regarding the implementation of geographic information systems. In theoretical and professional spheres, Geographic Information Systems (GIS... more

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Important Concepts in WiMAX

By : Timothy Kolaya

Description : WiMAX is an upcoming technology of the modern times. WiMAX Forum was founded in 2001 with the key target of enhancing broadband wireless access levels. A decade later, this techno... more

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In Vitro Fertilization: Advanced Clinical and Laboratory Approaches

By : Joseph Budd

Description : The advanced clinical as well as laboratory approaches in relation to the field of In Vitro Fertilization are highlighted in this detailed book. In Vitro Fertilization is an emerg... more

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Independent Component Analysis: Acoustic and Biomedical Aspects

By : Howard Zea

Description : The acoustic and biomedical aspects of independent component analysis are elucidated in this insightful book. The signal-processing method used for drawing out individual sources ... more

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Induction Motors

By : Maurice Willis

Description : Prompted by the necessity of power-efficient progresses, procedure optimization, soft-start capacity and more ecological profits, there is a growing need to use induction motors f... more

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