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Radio Frequency Identification

By : Kevin Merriman

Description : Radio Frequency Identification is a dynamic field with multiple applications. This book includes a comprehensive overview of the techniques of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID... more

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Radio Science and Engineering

By : Claude McMillan

Description : Radio science is defined as the study of range and travel of radio waves in various environments. This book on radio science discusses the new scientific procedures that employ ra... more

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Radioactive Waste Management

By : Peggy Sparks

Description : Radioactive waste is a topic that has currently received huge recognition due to the large amount of accumulative wastes and the increased public awareness of the hazards of such ... more

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Radioisotopes: Applied Principles in Biomedical Science

By : Peggy Sparks

Description : The book concentrates primarily on radioisotopes and its applications in bioscience and in medical sciences. This book elucidates creation of radioisotopes for medicine, the usage... more

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Radiometric Dating

By : Bryan Lin

Description : Radiometric dating is described as a technique of dating geological specimens by determining the relative proportions of specific radioactive isotopes present in a sample. This bo... more

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Railway Engineering and Security

By : Marshall Roy

Description : Ever since the first ever train was used to carry coal from a mine in Shropshire (England, 1600), the technology of railway transportation has never looked back. It has only evolv... more

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Railway Engineering and Systems

By : Marshall Roy

Description : Railway engineering refers to a dynamic domain of engineering which deals with the design, manufacturing and operation of all kinds of railway networks. It encompasses the element... more

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Railway Systems Engineering: Security Concerns

By : Marshall Roy

Description : This book is an important source of information on railway systems engineering. In railway applications, performance studies are important for increasing the durability of railway... more

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Real-Time Systems: Design and Applications

By : Pascal Formann

Description : Real-time systems hold great significance in the fast paced life of today's world. Each processing step requires time only till the degree of a tenth of a second. This book discus... more

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Realities and Impacts of Climate Change

By : Daisy Mathews

Description : The earth is the only planet where life exists. The evolution of human life was only possible due to its favorable environmental conditions i.e. availability of water, oxygen and ... more

Results 1 - 10 of 117