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T-Cell Leukemia

By : George Singer

Description : This book primarily focuses on the extensive topic of T-Cell Leukemia. The aim of this book is to present the readers with a descriptive overview of the scientific developments in... more

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Tandem Mass Spectrometry

By : Clive Flint

Description : Extensive information regarding the topic of tandem mass spectrometry has been presented in this book. It provides in-depth elucidation on the theory, description as well as the i... more

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Techniques in Ion Exchange

By : Carla Mayfield

Description : This book gives comprehensive knowledge regarding the technological development of the applications of ion exchange in industrial procedures. Chromatography is an essential topic ... more

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Technological and Social Insights in Food Industry

By : Lisa Jordan

Description : The rapid growth in processed food industry has led to new challenges and issues. Food is necessary for the survival of humankind and this book aims towards giving an overview of ... more

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Technological Change Handbook

By : Ed Diego

Description : Technology is dynamic. Technological change, today, is central to economic growth. It is recognized as a significant driver of efficiency development and the appearance of new pro... more

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Technological Innovation Management

By : Ed Diego

Description : Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It has been extensively established that technology is one of the forces motivating economic development. This book is a compilation of va... more

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Technology and Applied Principles of Heat Transfer

By : Nathan Rice

Description : Heat transfer is fundamentally described as the energy in transit due to temperature difference. Heat transfer calculations in various facets of engineering applications are signi... more

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Telecommunication Networks Handbook

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : This handbook provides a descriptive examination of telecommunications networks. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced concepts and future e... more

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Telecommunication Networks: Present and Future Scenario

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : A descriptive account on telecommunications networks has been presented in this profound book. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced concept... more

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Telecommunications and Network Engineering

By : Kevin Merriman

Description : Telecommunications engineering is mainly concerned with the design and development of telecommunications equipment, electronic switching systems, terrestrial radio link systems, f... more

Results 1 - 10 of 120