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Waste Management

By : Victor Bonn

Description : With the onset of industrialization era and urbanization of the countries, human kind became one of the biggest polluter, contributing towards the generation of large heaps of was... more

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Waste Management and Environmental Health

By : Victor Bonn

Description : Waste management refers to the processes, methods and tools that are used in the handling and management of waste. This book on waste management deals with the challenges of waste... more

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Waste Management: A Modern Approach

By : Victor Bonn

Description : A modern approach in the field of waste management has been extensively discussed in this profound book. Solid waste management poses significant challenges for society because of... more

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Waste Management: Concerns and Challenges

By : Adele Cullen

Description : Waste management refers to the practice of managing waste from its source till its disposal. It focuses on regulating and monitoring the transportation, collection, treatment and ... more

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Waste Resources: Recycling and Management

By : Adele Cullen

Description : The rise in population and industrialization has also resulted in increased amounts of wastage. Some of these also result in environmental and health hazards. Waste resources are ... more

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Waste Water Treatment: Activated Carbon and Other Methods

By : Alicia Brooks

Description : Waste water treatment is an important issue globally and the introduction of activated carbons as a tool for the same has significantly enhanced the efficiency of many waste water... more

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Water Conservation

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : This book unfolds the innovative aspects of water conservation which will be crucial for the progress of this field in the future. Water conservation refers to the study and pract... more

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Water Conservation Handbook

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : A collection of various perspectives on the conservation and management policies of water has been presented in this unique book. Water is an essential and basic human need for ur... more

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Water Hazards and Management

By : Sarah Luck

Description : The hazards related to water are called water hazards they are a subset of natural hazards. The planning and management of water resources for the judicious utilization of water i... more

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Water Management for Irrigation

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of water management with respect to irrigation. Irrigation refers to the practice of using and distributing water via arti... more

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