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ISBN : 9781632398598

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD  140.00

Description :  This book outlines the processes and applications of synthetic biology in detail. It provides comprehensive insights into this field. Synthetic biology is the amalgamation of biology and engineering. It refers to the study of designing and producing biological systems and modules. It uses the elements of molecular biology, computer engineering, biophysics and genetic engineering, among other subjects. This text is compiled in such a manner that it will provide in-depth knowledge about this field to the readers. The various sub-fields of synthetic biology along with technological process that have future implications are glanced at. Most of the topics introduced in this book cover new techniques and applications of synthetic biology. All those who are interested in this subject area will benefit alike from it. It will serve as a resource guide for students and experts and contribute to the growth of the discipline.

Author/Editor :  Daniel McGuire

Author's Description :  Daniel McGuire holds a PhD in computational biology and bioinformatics from the University of Southern California, United States. He is an associate professor of computational biology in a leading university of America. His academic and research interests lie in bioinformatics algorithms and computational cell biology. McGuire has organized many national conferences on computational biology and bioinformatics and has authored and edited a number of articles, research papers and book chapters in these fields.