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The Climato...

By : Andrew Hyman

Description : Climatology is described as the study of climate. It has acquired a much greater position than being considered an individual discipline which treats climate as a phenomenon that ... more

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The Geoscie...

By : Joe Carry

Description : In the last thirty years, geoscience has developed and changed rapidly. The whole ecosystem is facing environmental imbalance due to climatic change. Hence, geoscientific applicat... more

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Topography ...

By : Zoe Gilbert

Description : This book extensively discusses the prominent scientific applications of topography and astronomy. It presents latest information about the experimental and theoretical aspects of... more

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Tsunami and...

By : Alfred Scott

Description : Tsunami can be defined as a long, high sea wave caused by an earthquake or other disturbance. This book contains information for the purpose of in-depth understanding of the vast ... more

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By : Christopher Jenkins

Description : This book discusses the problems related to the field of volcanology along with the progress witnessed in this field. The book presents individual research works on volcanological... more