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Soil Scienc...

By : Brian Bechdal

Description : This book is a complete resource guide with respect to the environmental soil sciences. Authors from across the globe have gathered information and scientific case studies about t... more

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By : Thelma Bosso

Description : Sustainable agriculture is basically defined as the practice of agriculture through environment friendly techniques. In this book, topics pertaining to resource management for sus... more

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Sustaining ...

By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture has been growing rapidly, and future advancements will rely on the integration of scientific knowledge of varied fields such as molecular and cellular biology, and eco... more

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By : Lisa Jordan

Description : The rapid growth in processed food industry has led to new challenges and issues. Food is necessary for the survival of humankind and this book aims towards giving an overview of ... more

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The Complet...

By : Davis Twomey

Description : This is an all-inclusive book which provides in-depth information regarding irrigation, its management as well as problems related to pollution along with the solutions. Irrigated... more

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Transgenic ...

By : Harvey Parker

Description : This book on transgenic plants is an essential contribution to the field as it includes information by veteran researchers from across the world. Progress of effective transformat... more

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Water Stres...

By : Shannon Klemm

Description : This extensive book discusses various problems related to water stress as well as management in plants. Water stress in plants occurs when the transpiration rate becomes severe, o... more

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Weed and Pe...

By : Jordan Smith

Description : Extensive information regarding the topic of weed and pest control has been elucidated in this book. The book elucidates different insect control techniques, like tactics in integ... more

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By : Ralph Britton

Description : This book provides detailed information about the fields of agricultural and environmental chemistry. Agricultural chemistry deals with all the aspects of agricultural production,... more