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Essentials ...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : Metallurgy is the subfield of materials science that studies the physical and chemical properties of metals and their alloys. This field has been helping different industries by f... more

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Essentials ...

By : Lily Chen

Description : Materials science is an interdisciplinary field formed by combining the principles of physics, engineering, chemistry, mineralogy, and metallurgy. While materials science studies ... more

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Dielectric ...

By : Doreen Rowe

Description : Dielectric materials are insulators that can be polarized when placed in an electric field. These materials are used for the storage and dissipation of magnetic and electric energ... more

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Dielectric ...

By : Doreen Rowe

Description : This book covers in detail some existent theories and innovative concepts revolving around dielectric materials and technology. The various advancements in this area are glanced a... more

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Abrasion Re...

By : Adam Garcia

Description : This book provides a descriptive account based on the abrasion resistance of materials and educates the readers with up-to-date in-depth information. Researchers and scientists fr... more

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Advanced Li...

By : Burton Kohler

Description : This book presents state-of-the-art information regarding the extensive field of advanced lithography. Advanced lithography expands into numerous sub-fields like micro electro-mec... more

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Advanced Na...

By : Lindy Bowman

Description : Nanofabrication is a broad field of study. Nanotechnology has witnessed a rapid expansion in the past few years, mainly owing to the speedy development in nanofabrication methods ... more

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Advanced Po...

By : Jan Cooper

Description : The advanced polymers along with its selected applications are comprehensively illustrated in this extensive book. This book is a compilation of contributions by reputed authors f... more

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Advanced Re...

By : Linda Cartman

Description : This book is a compilation of interesting work on Polyurethane. It talks about the properties, characterization, and structures of polyurethane as well as provides information reg... more

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Advanced Th...

By : Ricky Peyret

Description : This book provides an in-depth knowledge of material sciences. It studies the basic structure, application, production, formation, and modifications of some of the materials that ... more