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Ecosystem F...

By : Francis Lawrence

Description : Ecosystem functioning is the process whereby ecosystems enable the interaction of various organisms in its environment. This book on ecosystem functioning and restoration provides... more

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Ecological ...

By : Jeffery Clarke

Description : Sustainable development is defined as a process of sustaining the environment by meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future to meet... more

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Ecological ...

By : Francis Lawrence

Description : Ecological risk assessment is defined as the monitoring of ecological resources to calculate changes and hazards faced by the ecosystems. Long-term damage can lead to larger secti... more

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Climate Cha...

By : Giselle Tang

Description : Climate change is a growing threat to the environment. This book on climate change and ecotoxicology deals with the relationship between the release of organic pollutants such as ... more

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By : Neil Griffin

Description : The emphasis on biodiversity has increased in the past few decades. Biodiverse species occupy a vast portion of the earth’s ecosystem. This book on biodiversity enrichment in a ch... more

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Aquatic Eco...

By : Olando Martin

Description : Aquatic ecology is the study of various interactions of flora, fauna and ecological characteristics in an aquatic environment. It comprises the study of marine as well as freshwat... more

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Aquatic Bio...

By : Jonas Bailey

Description : The study of distribution of plants and animals is called biogeography which is a branch of biology. Aquatic biogeography is defined as the study of aquatic ecosystem spatially di... more

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Air Polluti...

By : Bernie Goldman

Description : This text will discuss in detail the various problems faced by environmentalists while controlling air pollution. It will provide thorough information about the control strategies... more

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By : Rosemary Charles

Description : nvironmental toxicology studies the harmful effects of any foreign substance whether physical or chemical. It combines principles from different fields such as biology, chemistry,... more

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By : Rosemary Charles

Description : Environmental ethics is the branch of philosophy that takes a broader perspective of relation of human beings not only to the living species but also with the non-living surroundi... more