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Advanced To...

By : Pablo Rickman

Description : This book presents an overview on latest advancements in the study and research of ionic liquids. Ionic liquids are a rapidly evolving field of study in physical chemistry, materi... more

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Advances an...

By : Eldra Lipton

Description : This book collects current research in the field of rheology. It covers various topics related to this field. Polymer gels, liquid crystals, food rheology, etc. are some of the su... more

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Advances an...

By : Ralph Seguin

Description : This book compiles reviews and original researches conducted by experts and scientists working in the field of biomaterials, covering a broad range of topics, from design to new a... more

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Advances in...

By : Guy Lennon

Description : This book deals with latest techniques in corrosion assessment and prevention. It discusses various significant topics like the role of EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy... more

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Advances in...

By : Austin Doran

Description : This book consists of an analysis of the theory, properties and the technological applications of metamaterials for the development of new devices like invisibility cloaks, absorb... more

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Alloy Steel...

By : Keith Liverman

Description : Alloy steels possess various beneficial mechanical properties which account for their extensive use in various fields. This book covers the various properties and applications of ... more

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Aluminium A...

By : Sally Renwick

Description : Last few years have witnessed breakthrough in production of aluminium alloys. New procedures of welding, casting, forming and surface modification have emerged to advance structur... more

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Applied Pri...

By : Ralph Seguin

Description : This book is a collection of reviews and original researches by experts and scientists working in the field of biomaterials, its development and applications. It offers readers th... more

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Applied Pri...

By : Frank Shiner

Description : The objective of this book is to introduce the latest developments in the field of ceramic coating. It discusses topics regarding the functions of ceramic coating in engineering i... more

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Applied Pri...

By : Lindy Bowman

Description : Nanofabrication is an active field of research. Nanotechnology has witnessed a rapid expansion in the past few years, mainly owing to the speedy development in nanofabrication met... more