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Climate Cha...

By : Daisy Mathews

Description : This book presents a descriptive account on the concepts of climate change and discusses research-focused information regarding its regional responses. Researchers from across the... more

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Climate Var...

By : Andrew Hyman

Description : An elucidative study on climate variability has been provided in this book. With the increasing awareness about the adversities due to climatic change, interest is developing in t... more

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Climate Var...

By : Andrew Hyman

Description : This book provides an introduction to climatic variability, and also discusses numerous facets of climatic variability and change. All these facets; from diverse prospects varying... more

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Concepts an...

By : Karolina Jensen

Description : The book consists of information regarding several issues within the area of geochemistry. The audience for this book includes a large number of scientists like physicists, geolog... more

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Current Dev...

By : Marina De Lima

Description : Geoscience is developing with a rapid pace and spatial planning is an important unit of it. Number of advanced methods and modeling techniques such as Global Positioning System (G... more

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Current Pro...

By : Agnes Nolan

Description : Tectonics is concerned with the large-scale processes which affect the structure of the earth's crust. This book focuses on distinct characteristics of tectonic researches, primar... more

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By : John Wayne

Description : This book is a compilation of easy to comprehend researches. It offers an extensive account of the field of mineralogy. This book targets chemists, physicists, engineers and stude... more

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Earth and E...

By : John Wayne

Description : We have come to face a situation where new environmental troubles arise every day and we need to make some fast and binding decisions. In many cases information regarding geologic... more

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Earthquake ...

By : Agnes Nolan

Description : The book aims to educate the readers with information regarding the field of earthquake engineering. The mitigation of earthquake-related hazards is essential in the modern societ... more

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Earthquake ...

By : Rosalina Peters

Description : Since large portions of the land are occupied by humans; they are under the threat of earthquakes. The field of earthquake research is an urgent need of the hour. This book includ... more