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Water Resou...

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the types of water resources and their uses. Water resources include all the sources of water present on earth. If we compare the pr... more

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Water Pollu...

By : Sheryl McMillan

Description : Water pollution is a growing concern for today’s generation. It refers to the contamination of water bodies like rivers, oceans, lakes, etc. Water gets polluted when chemicals, pl... more

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Water Conse...

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : This book unfolds the innovative aspects of water conservation which will be crucial for the progress of this field in the future. Water conservation refers to the study and pract... more

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Urban Plann...

By : Alex Vedder

Description : This book deals with the field of urban planning and development. It also talks about the architectural advances in relation to the same. Urban planning refers to the process rela... more

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By : Aduardo Hapke

Description : This book deals with the topic of sustainable management of forests. It refers to the practice of maintaining and preserving the forest. It works on managing three basic spheres t... more

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Protected A...

By : Aduardo Hapke

Description : Protected areas refer to the areas which are placed under protection because of their cultural, environmental or natural value. These areas are protected because they need to be p... more

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Principles ...

By : Anne Offit

Description : Ecosystem diversity refers to the study of the various types of ecosystems found on the planet earth. It deals with the different terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and studies th... more

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Natural Res...

By : Alfred Muller

Description : Natural resources such as land, plants, water, etc. have been consumed by humans since the dawn of civilization. The rise of industrialization has led to the exploitation of these... more

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Land-Use Pl...

By : Alex Vedder

Description : Land is a limited resource and as the world population is rising consistently, judicious use of this resource is of prime importance. Land-use requires changing the already existi... more

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Integrated ...

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : Water is essential for all life forms. Although it is available in abundance, portable water forms a small percentage of all the water resources available. Water management refers... more