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By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture is the science of cultivating aquatic animals and plants in fresh or marine waters. It is the extended version of fishing, derived from the fact that harvests of wild ... more

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By : Roger Creed

Description : Aquaculture is the practice of raising fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic species for commercial purposes. This book offers an insight into a diversity of topics related to aq... more

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Concepts an...

By : Shirley Doy

Description : The various concepts and applications of oilseeds are elucidated in this profound book. It has been compiled with the objective of providing in-depth information on the extensive ... more

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Concerns an...

By : Keith Wheatley

Description : This book highlights the concerns related to food security and agricultural water management. Food security came up as a problem in the first decade of the 21st century, questioni... more

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Crop Irriga...

By : Corey Aiken

Description : A descriptive account based on the field of crop irrigation management, with emphasis on water and soil, has been provided in this up-to-date book. It provides in-depth elucidatio... more

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Crop Manage...

By : Corey Aiken

Description : A broad perspective, encompassing lucid descriptions of crop management towards higher yield and sustenance has been provided to the readers in this book. Agricultural production ... more

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Crop Plant:...

By : Corey Aiken

Description : New frontiers in crop science are elucidated in this comprehensive book. It provides the readers with a comprehensive overview of Crop Plant with latest advances in research. This... more

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Crop Produc...

By : Corey Aiken

Description : Crop production has always been of quintessence for human civilization. Human beings have always been largely dependent on crops to secure food and fiber. Lately, even fuel has be... more

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Crop Produc...

By : Corey Aiken

Description : This book presents a comprehensive study of Crop Production, elucidating its technology as well as methodology. Crop production depends on the proper implementation of soil, water... more

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Current Pro...

By : Jamie Hanks

Description : This book is a source of information about agronomy - the science of producing and using plants. It focuses on the most important aspect of life "food and agriculture". It brings ... more