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Chronic Pai...

By : Pam Kellner

Description : Pain and pain management is defined as the science of treating and diagnosing chronic pain. This book on chronic pain explores topics related to intense pain, its treatment and re... more

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Arthritis: ...

By : Mary Kellar

Description : Arthritis is musculoskeletal disorder that affects the joints. This book on arthritis discusses the physiology and treatment methods of this disease. Technological advancement has... more

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Ankylosing ...

By : Sharlton Pierce

Description : Ankylosing Spondylitis is a debilitating ailment that causes inflammation in the joints of the spine. It is a popular type of arthritis. This book on ankylosing spondylitis discus... more

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By : Casey Judd

Description : Angioplasty is defined as a medical procedure that widens obstructed arteries and veins in the human body. This book on angioplasty discusses techniques and methods followed durin... more

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Allergic Rh...

By : Kevin Parker

Description : Allergic Rhinitis is the reaction of the immune system to allergens that are present in the air. This book on allergic rhinitis deals with the present progress of the treatment of... more

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Advances in...

By : Dylan Long

Description : This book traces the progress of the field of liver transplantation and highlights some of its key concepts and applications. The topics included in this book on the subject are o... more

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Advances in...

By : Dave Clark

Description : Dentistry refers to practice of diagnosing, preventing and treating the various disorders related to oral cavity, dentition and oral mucosa. The varied branches of dentistry inclu... more

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A Clinician...

By : Kelly Ward

Description : This book unfolds the innovative aspects of healthcare facilities which will be crucial for the progress of this field in the future. Healthcare facilities are basic requirement o... more

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A Clinical ...

By : Lewis Humphries

Description : Abnormal eating habits which adversely impact human health are called eating disorders. They are often regarded as mental disorders. The major types of eating disorders include an... more

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Urology Han...

By : Karl Meloni

Description : Urology is the field of medicine that studies the diseases of the male and female urinary tract systems and the male reproductive organs. Urology has advanced over the years by in... more