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By : Neil Griffin

Description : A research approach on biodiversity has been undertaken in this book. The biodiversity of plants, animals, fungi and microbes has been discussed in detail, along with biodiversity... more

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By : Neil Griffin

Description : The book broadly covers agricultural aspects, socio-economic impacts and genetics. The complexity of the association has been approached from various angles, taking into account t... more

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By : Neil Griffin

Description : This book provides an overview of current knowledge and discusses some of the unanswered questions at the forefront of research in biodiversity. Every ecosystem is an intricate or... more

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By : Jason Hendon

Description : The understanding of the concept of biodiversity and its impact on various life forms is a complex study. In this book, using case studies and examples, constant effort has been m... more

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Biological ...

By : Anne Offit

Description : Biological diversity and sustainable development is an upcoming area of study which is undergoing rapid development in diverse sectors. This book includes interesting overviews an... more

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Current Dev...

By : Lee Zieger

Description : This book highlights current developments in forestry research by providing valuable information related to latest research in this domain. Contributions from experts across the g... more

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Current Res...

By : Jason Hendon

Description : The world is a fascinating place, brimming with life. There are creatures of all shapes, sizes, food habits, breeding patterns, colors and appearances. For someone with an interes... more

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By : Aduardo Hapke

Description : The impacts, mapping and preventions of deforestation and forest degradation have been elucidated in this profound book. Forest degradation and deforestation constitute a consider... more

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Ecological ...

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : The pollution of aquatic environment also reduces possible uses of water, especially those that require high quality standards i.e. for drinking purposes. This book discusses diff... more

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Ecology Res...

By : Liam Page

Description : Ecology is an interdisciplinary field of study. It incorporates fields from biology, geology, earth science among others. This book is an essential guide for those who're interest... more