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By : Lily Chen

Description : This book presents a detailed account on nanoindentation tests, which hold great significance in applied material science. Numerous spheres of science and industry have shown incr... more

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Modern Appl...

By : Eva Murphy

Description : Researchers have been examining the properties of quantum dots for a long time. This book describes the modern applications of quantum dots with the help of valuable information. ... more

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Modern Nano...

By : Mindy Adams

Description : Nanoparticles have major applications in biomedical, electronic and other fields. A broad overview of nanoparticle materials has been presented in this book. Nanoparticles have ma... more

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Modern Rese...

By : Darren Wang

Description : Metallurgical engineering is the science of innovation, implementation and modeling of the process that transforms metals, alloys and other engineering materials via cost-effectiv... more

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By : Rich Falcon

Description : Nanocrystals research has been crucial due to the wide range of potential functions in semiconductor, visual and biomedical fields. This book compiles work on nanocrystals process... more

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By : Lindy Bowman

Description : In the wake of recent advancements, science is one of the most swiftly progressing fields. We deal with a lot of challenges today, such as the growing demand for energy and consum... more

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By : Mindy Adams

Description : This book aims to prove helpful for all researching in the field of nanoparticles. Nanoparticles have made a significant impact in the scientific domain in the past few years. The... more

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By : Mindy Adams

Description : The study of nanoparticles is dynamic. This book compiles state-of-the-art information on nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are a universal challenge for today's technology and future ... more

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By : Mindy Adams

Description : The properties of materials change depending upon their size. This book explores the field of nano-scale particles and their grounding methods. Nanoparticle is a universal challen... more

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Nanorods: S...

By : Rich Falcon

Description : This book, written by experts from various parts of the world, is a rich source of information on nanorods. The book is a summary of the fundamentals and applications of nanoscien... more