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By : Randall Calloway

Description : Biomechanics uses the concepts and applications of mechanics to examine the functions and structure of biological beings like humans, animals, plants, fungi, etc. It has many sub-... more

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Bioenergy a...

By : Robbie Larkin

Description : This book primarily deals with bioenergy and biofuels. It also discusses the applications and advancements in these fields. Bioenergy is a form of renewable energy which is produc... more

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Textbook of...

By : Leonard Roosevelt

Description : Developmental biology refers to study of the growth and development of plants and animals. The main aim of developmental biology is to examine embryonic development of animals and... more

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By : Marianne Wilde

Description : Cryopreservation is an emerging field of study. It aims at preserving biological constructs such as cells, organs, etc. through extreme cooling. This preservation is performed to ... more

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By : Daniel McGuire

Description : In order to study the biological, behavioral and the social systems, the development and application of data analytical and theoretical methods of mathematics modeling and computa... more

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Food Microb...

By : Dorothy Green

Description : Food microbiology focuses on microbes that have both favourable and undesirable effects on the safety and quality of food. This book aims to understand the multiple branches that ... more

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Solar Energy

By : Catherine Waltz

Description : Solar energy is available in abundance and is also an extremely clean form of energy found on earth. The need for solar energy evolved and only grew stronger over time due to the ... more

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Smart Grid ...

By : Benjamin Wayne

Description : Smart grids are electrical distribution system with embedded computer intelligence to make each and every part of electrical transmission energy efficient and strictly controlled.... more

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Renewable E...

By : Benjamin Wayne

Description : Renewable energy sources are the ones that are readily available and can be replenished in shorter span of time than the non-renewable sources. Wind energy, solar energy, tidal en... more

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Power and E...

By : Helena Walker

Description : Power engineering is the subfield of energy engineering that deals with production, transmission and utilization of electrical energy. Energy engineering on the other hand is the ... more