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Herbal Medi...

By : Holly Philips

Description : Herbal Medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses plants for medical treatment. Plant-derived compounds are widely recognized for their medicinal properties and are incr... more

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By : Brendon Gould

Description : This book on complementary and alternative medicine discusses topics related to energy harnessing and nutritional value that is related to alternative medical practices. Alternati... more

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Clinical Pr...

By : Tanner Perry

Description : Alternative practice is defined as a set of medical treatments and therapies that provide healing and well-being. This book on clinical practice of alternative medicine deals with... more

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By : Pete Edner

Description : Chiropractic and manual therapies are medical treatment that diagnoses mechanical diseases related to the musculoskeletal system. Manual therapies of medicine have managed to trea... more

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By : Patrick Lampard

Description : Acupuncture is a medical procedure that primarily focuses on pain relief. The treatment involves undergoing a course of needles that are inserted to specific points. This therapy ... more