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Ubiquitous ...

By : Braylen Stevenson

Description : Ubiquitous intelligence is defined as the development of software that can be used in multiple platforms instead of just one device. This book on ubiquitous intelligence and compu... more

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Software En...

By : Cheryl Jollymore

Description : Software engineering is the study of the conceptualization, design, development and maintenance of software. It covers sub-disciplines like software testing, configuration managem... more

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By : Roberts Goddings

Description : This book on information systems deals with the organization, processing and distribution of information, especially in the business sector. Information systems are an important f... more

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By : Brian Jackson

Description : This book outlines the processes and applications of information systems in detail. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. Information systems r... more

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By : Audrey Coon

Description : Information systems are virtual systems that enable the organization, storage and creation of information which can be accessed and manipulated in an easy and effortless manner. T... more

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By : Fiona Hobbs

Description : The practice of defending, information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure along with destruction of data is known as information security. This defense mechanism is also... more

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By : Reuben Hammond

Description : This book on information science discusses technology that is used to store, process and transmit information. This book explores all the important aspects of this field in the pr... more

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By : Iker Morris

Description : Information management encompasses all the aspects of information acquiring, storage and retrieval that is significant to an organization. This book on information management take... more

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By : Tom Halt

Description : Computational modeling is an effective method to compute, analyse and simulate theoretical and practical problems. This field is especially important for numerical modeling and ma... more

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By : Wallace Sanders

Description : Computational mechanics is the study of mechanics through computational methods. This book on computational mechanics deals with numerical and computational modeling and their app... more