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By : Ted Weyland

Description : Energy is required to do the most basic to the most complex actions in today’s world. Exploitation of resources can cause severe energy crisis in the coming years. Therefore, sust... more

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Recent Prog...

By : Nora Ayling

Description : Energy engineering is defined as the design and development of electrical systems and circuits that enable transmission and distribution of electrical energy. This book on energy ... more

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Power and E...

By : Linda Morand

Description : Power engineering can be defined as the development of energy harnessing and distributing technologies that improve energy efficiency. This book on power and energy engineering di... more

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Petroleum S...

By : Andy Margo

Description : Petroleum science refers to the exploration, extraction and refining of petroleum and natural gas. This book on petroleum science and engineering focuses on the methods, theories,... more

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Oil and Gas...

By : Oliver Haghi

Description : This book elucidates the concepts and innovative models around prospective developments with respect to oil and gas processing. It presents researches and studies performed by exp... more

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Oil and Gas...

By : Andy Margo

Description : This book on oil and gas processing discusses the various processes that are involved in petroleum refining such as distillation, dimerization and fluid cracking. Oil refineries c... more

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Oil and Gas...

By : Jane Urry

Description : The oil and gas industry is one of the largest and most advanced sectors of engineering. This book on the oil and gas industry discusses topics related to well logging, reservoir ... more

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Green Power...

By : Marrianne Fox

Description : Green power or sustainable energy is defined as the harvesting of electric power from sources that are replenishable. This book on green power deals with the various technologies ... more

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Energy Effi...

By : George Thomson

Description : Energy efficiency is the process whereby the per unit consumption of electricity is greatly reduced. This book on energy efficiency and sustainable development discusses a variety... more

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Current Pro...

By : Michael Dedini

Description : This book on petroleum engineering deals with the theoretical and technical aspects of petroleum exploration and extraction. Reservoir engineering is the primary methodology that ... more