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Thermal Eng...

By : Edgar Miller

Description : Thermal engineering is the study of heat and its transferability between bodies as well as transformation into energy, especially electricity. This book on thermal engineering stu... more

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By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : Telecommunications engineering studies the development of networks that are used for communication between separate groups. Technological innovations in this field, both in terms ... more

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Structural ...

By : Ray Anton

Description : The ever growing need of advanced technology is the reason that has fueled the research in the field of advanced structural engineering in recent times. It is an important field o... more

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Sensors: Sc...

By : Marvin Heather

Description : Detecting events or changes in machines, equipment or environment is becoming highly critical. Such equipment needs reliable, robust and accurate sensors in order to avert risks t... more

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Radio Scien...

By : Claude McMillan

Description : Radio science is defined as the study of range and travel of radio waves in various environments. This book on radio science discusses the new scientific procedures that employ ra... more

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Modern Sens...

By : Marvin Heather

Description : This book unravels the recent studies in the field of modern sensors and sensor systems. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. Sensors and sens... more

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Modern Mech...

By : Bilroy Lockhart

Description : This book on modern mechanical engineering discusses the theoretical background of mechanical engineering and its relation to techniques such as computer-aided design and computer... more

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Mobile Comp...

By : Timothy Kolaya

Description : Mobile computing is a form of human-computer interaction facilitated by wireless communications. Some of the significant aspects of this field include mobile communications, mobil... more

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Mechanical ...

By : Rene Sava

Description : The aim of this book is to present researches that have transformed the discipline of mechanical engineering and aided its advancement. This discipline studies the applications of... more

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By : Michelle Vine

Description : This book on manufacturing process management discusses the entire cycle of the manufacturing process. This includes the conversion of raw materials to the finished commodity. Top... more