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Food Scienc...

By : Logan Bowman

Description : Food science is the science dedicated to the study of food and its characteristics. Nutrition is the science that exemplifies the interaction of nutrients and other substances in ... more

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Food and Nu...

By : Dave Stewart

Description : This book on food and nutrition deals with the right practices that maintain human health, growth and well-being. Nutrition and dietetics provide dietary patterns that can allevia... more

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Food Allerg...

By : Kevin Parker

Description : Hypersensitivity to certain food items causes food allergy. Certain foods such as peanuts, eggs and milk are the most common allergens. This book on food allergy deals with themes... more

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Essentials ...

By : Lisa Jordan

Description : Food science refers to the study of quality, processing, chemical traits and physical traits and deterioration of food. It unifies the elements of biochemistry, microbiology and c... more

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Current Top...

By : Dave Stewart

Description : Nutrition is defined as the science of interaction between nutrients in relation to an organism’s growth, wellbeing and disease. This book on nutrition and dietetics discusses top... more