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Urban Studi...

By : Dominque Craft

Description : Urban studies and planning deals with the allocation and management of land as a public resource and the regulation of infrastructure in an urban environment. This book on urban s... more

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Social Scie...

By : Anthony White

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into human behavior and how they influence their immediate surroundings and the outside world. Social science is a primary academic disci... more

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Journalism ...

By : Cassandra Young

Description : The topics included in this book on journalism and mass communication are of utmost significance and are bound to provide incredible insights to readers. Collecting data and prese... more

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By : Kolton Warner

Description : Archaeology is a dynamic field. It is often regarded as a sub-discipline of social science but it has emerged as an individual field of study in the recent times. The study of the... more

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A Global Ou...

By : Lillian Harper

Description : This book provides a comprehensive introduction to ethnographic methods and its various applications. The book demonstrates the usage of ethnography as a method in a diversity of ... more

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Advanced Th...

By : Gerald Kennedy

Description : This book demonstrates the application of various novel practices that can be applied to archaeological sites. The various topics discussed within the book consist of new approach... more

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Advanced To...

By : Chayma Hamdani

Description : For all those who're interested in Urban Studies, this book will provide comprehensive knowledge. Contemporary innovative concepts and case studies revolving around Urban Studies ... more

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Advances in...

By : Luke Chesterton

Description : This book explains upcoming aspects of population growth. It has been written by qualified and professional authors. This book seeks to explore the problems, reasons, and the impa... more

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By : Helen Mann

Description : Anthropology is basically referred to as the study of humankind. This book interlinks polyphony and anthropology: a combination that increases the researcher's scope of views, the... more

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By : Gwen Smith

Description : Anthropology is a vast field of study. It has existed for a long time but its study has gained pace over the last few decades. The researches included in this book will prove to b... more