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Water Stress and its Impact on Biodiversity

By : Shannon Klemm

Description : This book discusses the topic of water stress and provides information regarding its impact on biodiversity. Ever since the Earth was formed, the amount of water present on our pl... more

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Water Stress and Management in Plants

By : Shannon Klemm

Description : This extensive book discusses various problems related to water stress as well as management in plants. Water stress in plants occurs when the transpiration rate becomes severe, o... more

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Water Supply System: Theory, Analytical Aspects and Models

By : Danice Coy

Description : This book is a comprehensive study of modern and traditional water supply systems. A water supply system is an interrelated compilation of sources, pipes, and hydraulic control el... more

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Water Treatment Handbook

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : Water is a limited resource which needs effective management. Economic growth, population escalation, and ecological pollution occurring in numerous parts of the world are placing... more

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Wavelet Theory: Developments and Applications

By : Victor Nason

Description : Wavelets are functions fulfilling certain mathematical requirements and used in representing data or other functions. The application of wavelet transformation to examine the beha... more

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Weed and Pest Control: Myriad Concerns

By : Jordan Smith

Description : Extensive information regarding the topic of weed and pest control has been elucidated in this book. The book elucidates different insect control techniques, like tactics in integ... more

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Welding Databook

By : Howard Currant

Description : The processes of welding are explained thoroughly in this elaborative book. Although there is a broad range of available literature on welding processes, a demand still exists to ... more

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Welding Engineering

By : Howard Currant

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of welding engineering. As a branch of engineering, welding engineering deals with the study and practice of welding, cutt... more

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Wetland Ecosystems

By : Ewan Lewis

Description : Wetlands are areas that are saturated with water for most periods of a season. It becomes a distinct ecosystem due to the presence of hydric soil and unique vegetation that is fou... more

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Wildlife Protection and Management

By : Martin Winter

Description : Wildlife protection is defined as the practice of protecting and preserving the wild plants and animals along with their habitat to ensure its safety for the future generation. Ma... more

Results 3061 - 3070 of 3079