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A Reference Guide to Endocytosis

By : Seth Cole

Description : This book is a valuable resource which provides essential information on endocytosis. It is a collection of systematic theories and researches regarding the entrance of exterior s... more

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A Reference Manual for Biomedical Engineering and its Applications

By : Mark Walters

Description : This book pertains to various segments of bio-medical engineering and its applications in science and industry. In this text, there are diverse topics that have been looked into l... more

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Abrasion Resistance Handbook

By : Adam Garcia

Description : This book provides a descriptive account based on the abrasion resistance of materials and educates the readers with up-to-date in-depth information. Researchers and scientists fr... more

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Achilles Tendon

By : Martin Akafeldt

Description : This book is a well-structured and critically acclaimed resource with a comprehensive eye on Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon has consistently drawn great attention. Its disorders... more

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Acoustic Emission: Probes and Utilization

By : Sonny Lin

Description : A variety of information related to acoustic emission has been compiled in this book. Acoustic Emission (AE) is a phenomenon in which elastic or stress waves are produced from spe... more

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Acoustic Waves and Acoustic Devices

By : Sonny Lin

Description : Acoustics is an advanced field which enjoys a never ending youth and novel innovations in this field are introduced by either the search for a better comprehension, or by technolo... more

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Acoustic Waves and Acoustic Devices: Analysis and Assessment

By : Sonny Lin

Description : This book brings forth an analysis and assessment of acoustic waves and devices. Acoustics is an advanced field which enjoys a never ending youth and novel innovations in this fie... more

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Acoustic Waves Handbook

By : Sonny Lin

Description : In this book, acoustic waves have been described comprehensively. The concept of acoustic wave is an extensive one; it materializes in a variety of mediums, from solids to plasmas... more

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Acupuncture: Therapies and Clinical Case Studies

By : Patrick Lampard

Description : Acupuncture is a medical procedure that primarily focuses on pain relief. The treatment involves undergoing a course of needles that are inserted to specific points. This therapy ... more

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Acute Coronary Syndromes: Contemporary Approach

By : Janice Hunter

Description : Written by internationally renowned contributors, this pioneering book consists of research-focused information in respect of the acute coronary syndromes. It has been compiled wi... more

Results 31 - 40 of 3079