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Advanced Concepts of Crystal Structures

By : Rupert Preston

Description : The relevance of crystal structure theory is highly crucial in determining the reaction of various elements with each other. The book aims to bring forth the new and innovative co... more

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Advanced Concepts of Ecosystems Biodiversity

By : Anne Offit

Description : This book points out that the better we can understand how ecosystems are formed and evolved, the better we can understand the history and future of our ecosystems; which is a vib... more

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Advanced Concepts of Hydrogen Storage Technology

By : Kent Olsen

Description : This book deals with advanced information regarding the technology of hydrogen storage. Throughout the globe, a better and safer alternative for petroleum is in much demand becaus... more

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Advanced Concepts of Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery

By : Judy Landis

Description : The advanced concepts of minimally invasive abdominal surgery are described in this comprehensive book. It presents useful information for surgeons interested in minimally invasiv... more

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Advanced Concepts of Wave Processes in Solids

By : Ryan White

Description : An elucidative account on the advanced concepts of wave process in solids has been provided in this profound book. Wave propagation in solids has been extensively analyzed and maj... more

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Advanced Control Systems Handbook

By : Chester Mann

Description : A descriptive study of advanced control systems has been provided to the readers in this book. It comprehensively presents current developments in advanced control from both theor... more

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Advanced Data Mining

By : Mick Benson

Description : This book consists of advanced information regarding data mining and their applications. It offers to aid data miners, researchers, scholars, and PhD students who aspire to practi... more

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Advanced Desalination Technologies

By : Taylor Stein

Description : Advanced desalination technologies are illustrated in this book with the help of comprehensive information. The term "desalination", in its widest sense, means the removal of diss... more

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Advanced Developments and Researches in Multimedia

By : Anna Sanders

Description : This book deals with advanced developments as well as researches in the field of multimedia. As multimedia has evolved into a significant technology, vastly bettering people's liv... more

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Advanced Diagnosis of Coronary Atherosclerosis

By : Casey Judd

Description : Advanced diagnosis of coronary atherosclerosis has been elucidated in this book with supportive researches and information. Coronary artery disease (CAD) and its effects are most ... more

Results 71 - 80 of 3079