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ISBN : 9781632406354

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Engineering and Technology

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD  132.95

Description :  Wireless communications are the primary means of industrial communications. They facilitate faster and accurate communication as well as transfer of data for varied purposes. The ever growing need of advanced technology is the reason that has fueled the research in this field in recent times. This book brings forth some of the most innovative concepts and elucidates the unexplored aspects of industrial communications and networks. It is appropriate for students seeking detailed information in this area as well as for experts. In this book, using case studies and examples, constant effort has been made to make the understanding of the difficult concepts of industrial communications as easy and informative as possible, for the readers.

Author/Editor :  Sharon Garner

Author's Description :  Sharon Garner holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Wireless Networks) from United States. She is actively engaged in the researches focused on wireless sensor networks and sensor grid. Garner has also published numerous articles and book chapters in the field of wireless networks. Her researches exploring the applications of wireless sensor networks for industrial monitoring have won her global laurels.