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ISBN : 9781632405500

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Computer and information Science

Publication Year :   2016

Price : USD  148.95

Description :  Computational methods are concerned with the development of simulations and models often accompanied by high-performance computing technologies. Simulations have become an essential part of many business applications as they have the capability to foray into areas that were otherwise inaccessible. These methods are practically applicable to all the areas such as biology, medicine, civil engineering, chemistry, finance, industrial engineering, nuclear engineering, etc. Most of the topics introduced in this book cover new techniques and the applications of computational methods related to the areas of science and engineering. As this field is emerging at a rapid pace, the contents of this book will help the readers understand the modern concepts and applications of the subject. It is a complete source of knowledge on the present status of this important field

Author/Editor :  Jen Blackwood

Author's Description :  Jen Blackwood received her PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, United States. Her academic and research interests lie in search algorithm, engineering optimization and graph theory. Her theoretical researches focused on graph theory and its applications in diverse fields (computer science, system sciences, cybernetics and engineering) have been acclaimed globally. Jen has authored numerous articles, white papers and books in the fields of electrical and computer engineering.