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ISBN : 9781632398413

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Environmental Science

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD  135.00

Description :  Environmental engineering studies the causes and impacts of environmental factors which negatively affect living organisms. It also delves deep into the activities leading to the deterioration of the present quality of the environment. This book is a valuable compilation of topics, ranging from the basic to the most complex advancements in this field. The text strives to shed light on the varied applications and techniques used by the environmental engineers to combat water pollution like municipal water supply, industrial waste water treatment, etc. It will serve as an invaluable source of information for those seeking in-depth knowledge about the relationship between water resources and environmental engineering. As this field is emerging at a rapid pace, the contents of this book will help the readers understand the modern concepts and applications of the subject. It is a resource guide for experts as well as students.

Author/Editor :  Sarah Luck

Author's Description :  Sarah Luck holds a Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) degree from the University of Queensland, Australia. She is a senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science. Her expertise lies in developing strategies for water conservation and management. She has developed efficient and inexpensive models for water management at large housing colonies in Australia and New Zealand. Sarah has also authored several well published articles, journal papers and books in the field of water management.