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ISBN : 9781632398017

Publisher :   mlbooksinternational

Language :   English

Category :   Agricultural Science

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD  135.00

Description :  The study of the eukaryotic plant cells is defined as plant cell biology. This book outlines the processes and applications of this discipline in detail. The text will enable its reader to understand the principles of this field in a comprehensive and lucid manner. The book is appropriate for students seeking detailed information in this area as well as for experts. This book traces the progress of this field and highlights some of its key concepts and applications. It unfolds the innovative aspects of plant cell biology which will be crucial for the progress of this field in the future. It consists of contributions made by international experts.

Author/Editor :  Agatha Wilson

Author's Description :  Agatha Wilson received her PhD in plant biology from the University of Vermont, United States. Her academic interests are photosynthesis, photochemistry, light harvesting and artificial photosynthesis. She has over 8 years of experience in the field of plant science. Wilson has given presentations at several international conferences and seminars on botany and plant science. She is an author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and books on photochemistry and plant science.